Friday, 28 August 2015

August Door Gallery: White or matching Frames and Architrave?

Gallery: Type of door fitting styles
A common question I get asked is which looks better...white frames and architrave or matching frames and architrave? There is no right answer. It all depends on the overall feel of the property and the designer or owners preference. Shown are images of properties in which I have used both options to achieve an equally impressive look. What would you choose?

Wenge stained doors with white frames and architrave were fitted on the project pictured below have been increasingly popular. This fits perfectly with the modern, fresh look of the property and creates a stunning piece exuding quality and sophistication.

The white architrave on this project ensures the doors are the main focus in this ultra modern property. The contrast of the doors compliments the other interior item choices.

There's an enormous choice in the mixing and matching of styles one could choose and the choices of finish in architrave, door or handle are endless. Here we've shown a few more designs.
Gallery: White etching on door

Gallery: White etching with mirror fitted in door
Gallery: Types of door styles

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