Friday, 11 December 2015

How doors can affect the value of a property: Part 1

This is an excellent question that is very difficult to measure. Typically in the past, builders would source and supply doors based on a brief description of what the client wanted. There wasn’t much to it really. Now, for multiple reasons, choosing what doors to have is not so much of a simple task. New laws setting out requirements for fire doors and improvements in manufacturing techniques have helped pave the way for an ever growing market that demands more and more uniqueness and eye-grabbing designs.

Until not too long ago, the ‘standard’ height for a door was 6ft 6 (or 1981mm). By today’s standards, that seems a bit short, doesn’t it? Natural selection ensures our population keeps on getting taller, so naturally the doors must grow too! This is another contributing factor to the growth of the bespoke doors market. When people want a taller door, the only option they are left with is the bespoke route.

Do doors add value to a property?
Doors are a major aesthetic and practical part of a house that more often than not gets overlooked. The first thing someone sees when approaching a house is usually the front door. From the moment you ring that doorbell, you are stuck there, facing it until someone arrives to let you in. Then there are more doors. Doors everywhere. Each one must be approached up close and personal before you may see what is hidden behind it.
Despite our frequent encounters with these long, rectangular pieces of wood, they just simply weren’t something most of us gave much thought; until now.

Imagine walking up to a house and seeing your face reflected on the paintwork of a shiny piece of timber and ironmongery. You’d be easily forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived at 10 Downing Street. High gloss finishes are creeping their way across homes around the country. With good reason: they increase the value of your property.

Now that’s a bold statement to make. Are there measurable statistics to back up this claim? Probably not. But that goes the same with various other forms of redecoration. No one can say with a guarantee: “If we re-paint your kitchen, it will add x% value to your property”. It varies depending on the situation. But you could say with certainty that it would add some value (usually more than what was originally invested). All forms of home improvements make the place more 'saleable'. You just have to invest your money into things potential buyers will see the most. Funnily enough, doors are one of those. Find out more about what we think next time in part two!

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