Friday, 19 February 2016

Glazed doors a great fit!

Dark glazed big door setOne of the many types of door that is in demand are those that are glazed. While sometimes more traditional, a glazed door can fit in well with a variety of decor types in a property, from ultra modern to a classic English style, meaning that a glazed door can be a safe, reliable choice if a developer is seeking a neutral look.

Adding to it's versatility, the wide range of glazed doors available also helps match any decor style chosen for a property.

The door beside above is a great example of a glazed and paneled door installed in a property as a large room divider. This effect can also be used on fitted wardrobe doors and other cupboard divider/doors where a unique yet quality finish is needed and the style needs to remain consistent. Metal inlays are a popular request which have been fitted in this door too.

The door below is far more traditional yet displays how it has been effectively used in this sleek bathroom arrangement.

Glazed bathroom door

The door here is one we actually fitted into a Guildford property in the UK and shows a very traditional pine coloured look which works well with the lightly decorated walls.

Light glazed door

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