Friday, 4 March 2016

Stained Doors Gallery, Part 1

Grosvenor Square Property doors
Today we're having a little look at some Stained Doors. Timeless in their use and modern where installed appropriately, stained doors have long been used to add pattern and individuality to a door where one would often have previously used a flat or mat finish.

The first door pictured is probably one of the simplest designs you can find yet it is perfect for a room that needs a clear uncluttered look and where the door should look high quality yet unobtrusive. The black colour only adds to that low-key finish while ensuring the room still looks classy. This door is pictured in a property in Grosvenor Square, London.

Ash grey stained door
This Ash Grey Stained door pictured second has the most beautiful appearance about it and is one of my personal favorites out of all doors that I see installed. This door is fitted into a house overlooking a lake and brings that natural, rustic feel straight into the property. If you imagine walking into one of the top hotel spas and imagining the decor and wooden effect that goes into furnishing them I think this room emulates that well!

The Roedean Crescent door example pictured in a light pine colour is fitted into a property in Roehampton, London. It has been finished in a very

Roedean crescent, Roehampton
contemporary way and the doors specified are a bespoke white stain. The lights in the frame only help to complete what is a dramatic and impressive door set which is a showcase example of interior design in this part of London.

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