Friday, 11 March 2016

Stained Doors Gallery, Part 2

R109 SWD doorAs a continuously popular choice of door style type, the stained door effect is a used widely on developments or properties where a more traditional look can be made while maintaining a high quality finish.

The paneled door pictured first here is a R109 from the SWD range and is actually installed in a house in Ormonde Gate in London. The natural wood effect product which can look discreet yet still premium suits this house perfectly. The door is also a fire door so meets strict health and safety specifications required in many new-builds.

The second door pictured was one we supplied for a property in Chelsea. The door is a 1002 range also from SWD and the first thing that jumps out at me when I recall this project was even though some of the rooms and corridors are very compact, the doors really bring out the best of the features and ensure it is a house of the highest quality interior design.

The two-tone wood effect design on the door also gives a little depth to the property and offers that extra notch of detail.

This door was fitted and stained to match the Schotten & Hanson wooden flooring that had also been layered as part of this refurbishment, which was a substantial one covering 4 floors in total and the additional installation of a new basement level. The height of these doors were 2.2 metres which were custom made to fit this specific measurement.

Chelsea wooden doors

The careful choice of ironmongery to match or compliment this door was important and again this helps bring our the detail in the door choice.

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