Friday, 13 May 2016

Veneered Doors, a Showcase

Veneered doors showcase
Veneered doors are a finish that are timeless in any property. Often using a lacquer or coating onto the surface, the effect can transform a mat or plain looking grain into something glossy, attractive and appealing.

I supplied and fitted all the walnut door sets for this large and comprehensive refurbishment project at 44 Sheffield Terrace in Kensington, London through SWD. 

The door sets were mainly standard door sizes in walnut using the SWD model 1006 variant. Walnut was chosen to tie in with the walnut floors and staircase in the property. Most of the door sets were fire doors due to the addition of the new basement (we are looking to write a couple of up-coming blog topics on fire doors as well soon!) The images here really show how well the glossy finish makes these doors stand out, particularly as it was an older property where the previous sets were plain and forgettable. The new sets allow the doors to be 'part' of this home and we were pleased so see this fantastic transformation!

Glossy Veneered Doors

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