Thursday, 11 August 2016

Key points when installing fire doors

As we've discussed before in this blog, it is important to remember some key points when installing fire doors:

- The doors need to be fitted with a required gap between the door and the frame. Too large a gap and the door would not withstand the smoke or vapour which the door would need to help guard against. Usually the gap should not exceed 3mm along the 2 edges across the top of the door leaf. At the bottom it should be no more than 10mm or 3mm when smoke seals are specified.

- Any glass needs to be the right type! If a glass panel is part of a fire door, a special glazed glass needs to be used to ensure consistency in the doors ability to guard against fire.

- The frames need to be fire door standard too - in the past the habit of installing a standard frame to host an after-market fire door is most certainly not going to pass as a fire door today. The frames now need to be installed by a firm licensed to install them, such as SWD and need to be a hardwood with a density greater than 650kg/m3 (for a 60 minute fire door).

There are, of course other requirements that specify what a fire door must meet, some of which may be covered in the future.

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