Friday, 9 September 2016

The Importance of Fitting Fire Doors Correctly

Fire doors are engineered to withstand fires for a certain period. In the UK, many houses now require fire-rated doors, usually any doors that lead to the hallway (where a fire can spread). The minimum period of time the doors must withstand fires is usually 30 minutes, which translates to the code 'FD30'. In some cases, 'FD60' may be specified, which would last 60 minutes.

Any door with an FD30 rating would be typically 45mm in thickness. Usually these doors would be identical to their non fire-rated counterparts, but some slight differences can be noticed. This is usually to do with panels, as they have to be a certain thickness in order to keep the rating.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that getting the doors with an FD30 rating is only half of the bigger picture. Installing these doors correctly is an absolute must - otherwise the effectiveness of withstanding a fire could be dramatically reduced.

The video below (courtesy of the British Woodworking Federation) demonstrates exactly this point. Three fire doors are being burned, but only one of them was fitted correctly.

Although all the doors are fitted with the correct gap (no more than 3mm), the video demonstrates that overlooking any other minor details can have significant consequences.

Solid Wooden Doors are able to supply and correctly install fire doors, whether it's part of a refurbishment or a new build. Using the link below, you may see our range of various designs, with each product able to have an FD30 rating where specified.

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