Monday, 12 December 2016

High Security Doors

What makes a door 'high security' and why would I ever need one? Although all external doors supplied by SolidWoodenDoors are 'Secure By Design' as standard, employing security hinges quality locks, clients may opt to take their security several notches higher. A High Security Door is usually a combination of materials and parts not normally found in a standard front door: typically a metal core and striking bolts that secure into the frame. It is important to have some level of security to your entrance door, since they are a burglar's first choice for a point of entry during a break-in. It is surprisingly easy to simply wedge a crowbar into the lock of a cheap door, generating enough force to either bow the frame or push the strike-plate through the wood.

Windows are also another favourite amongst criminals, especially during the summer when people leave them open. The advantages of your home having a security door can be let down by a cheap window frame.

That being said, in the UK 73% of burglars will go through the door, which is left open in 3% of cases. A burglar will search the vicinity for possible spare keys hidden somewhere, then proceed to force their way through the door. 

A burglar doesn't want to draw much attention, so a well-protected door can be enough to deter them away. There have been instances of High Security doors and 'Secure by Design' doors in the past with extensive damage caused by a would-be burglar, but evidently given up after taking too long and making too much noise presumably. Breaking a window as well could be a choice of getting caught or not!

At, we take pride in offering the highest possible standards in both aesthetics and functionality. It makes insurers particularly happy to hear that secure locks have been included into a house, bringing down the costs of premiums. High security door supplied by us may also come with some advanced features such as fingerprint scanners, motorised locks and remote controls. 

SolidWoodenDoors provides European Standard ENV 1627 Level 2, 3 and 4 doors which can resist attacks from today's most persistent criminals. Our security doors are the result of numerous tests conducted at the famous IFT Rosenheim testing laboratories in Germany. For any further information, please get in touch with one of our showrooms. Further information may also be found at:

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